Welcome at Japamburg

We are a human-centred and engaging community that values Courage, Curiosity and unConventional approaches. We believe that it takes courage to look beyond one’s own horizon and to open up oneself to look for support for one’s ambitions. We strive to be curious, to learn about other people’s worlds and values, and to broaden our knowledge. And through what we learn we are looking for new and unconventional ideas and approaches to tackle the diverse issues we are all facing.

What we do

We are a bilateral business community between Hamburg, Germany and Japan. Our innovative and interactive community offers regular stimuli and content promotion ideas to its members to kickstart their businesses between both countries. We want to influence the way our members think about norms and values in Germany and Japan and enable them to question conventional wisdom. Together as a community we build lasting bridges between Germany and Japan.

Regular Meet-Ups

We organise regular meet-ups for Japanese-German professionals to get together and come up with new ideas.

Community Space

We offer a community space for our members to engage with each other and tackle problems together.

Community Events

We offer a range of events and programs for our community to bring Germany and Japan together, be it online or in Hamburg.

Our Community Founders

Mariko Schmitz from Toshiko Arts

With her expertise for management practices and event planning, together with her passion for Japanese fine art and cuisine Mariko has established her own business, Toshiko Arts. With Japamburg, she wants to enable more people to dare and do business between Germany and Japan.

Mariko’s own Business

As freelance management consultant, business development expert and project manager, Mariko is at home in the start-up and e-commerce world and passionate about New Work, Leadership, Change and Innovation management. With Toshiko Arts she specializes in culinary & cultural experiences and F&B consultation as passionate Sake Sommeliére and host.

Mariko on LinkedIn

Johannes Budkiewitz from NIHHON

Johannes is a seasoned Japan expert and connects German and Japanese organizations with his own business, NIHHON. With Japamburg he wants to make German-Japanese connections more visible and enable new partnerships between both countries.

Johannes’ own business

Founded in 2019, NIHHON aims to support organizations from Germany and Japan in their business relations with each other through a variety of services, such as consulting, research and translation.

Johannes on LinkedIn

Our Partners

Japamburg Meet-Ups

Our quaterly meet-ups bring together professionals from the German-Japanese business world to exchange ideas and experiences.

  • Meet German-Japanese business professionals
  • Experience engaging presentations
  • Develop new projects with likeminded people
  • Learn about the German and Japanese markets
  • Get feedback on your ideas from experts
  • Have a great time!

Let us Move Germany and Japan Forward Together

Join our next event and get to know forward-thinking German-Japanese business professionals.

Japamburg Summit 2021

October 1, 2021 – 10:00 CET

304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM