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Startups for a Sustainable Future – Perspectives from Germany and Japan

Germany and Japan have a great many things in common - among them near-identical Country Overshoot Days. If the world's population would live like people in Germany or Japan, Earth Overshoot Day would land on May 5 (🇩🇪) or May 6 (🇯🇵). It is clear that both countries need to be very ambitious in setting goals for a sustainable future in accordance with the Paris Agreement, e.g. regarding carbon-neutrality. But while governments in both countries are still pondering which measures to take and large corporations face difficulties in adapting their business models to new requirements, it is entrepreneurs and startups…


Japamburg-Dialogue: Hamburg x Osaka #1 – Games & Games Tech


Hamburg is the economic centre of Northern Germany and one of the leading games hubs in Europe. Here, innovative ideas meet a long-standing merchant tradition to create fertile ground for business opportunities. The games sector is one particular example of an economy that flourishes under these conditions with four of the biggest ten German games companies being located in Hamburg. And it is no coincidence that leading internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Adobe Systems Engineering decided to choose Hamburg for their headquarters in Germany. Besides these big players, Hamburg offers a strong selection of study and support programs…